Accompanied by a cinematically visual music video, “Pretend” is a glowingly intimate track all about the decline of a relationship, but still loving that person while trying to preserve the friendship. With a flow of ambience and an impressively high vocal range, Fitch is a complete heartthrob in this song from start to finish. 



Fitch Means and King BreZe have teamed up and set the vibe for the summer with their hit, ‘‘Millions’.  With elements of Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop all weaved into the vibrant up-vibe multi-layered mix, Fitch Means definitely didn’t fail to stamp down their signature sound with Millions; and the charisma practically drips from it.

2am Drive

In the video 2am Drive, Fitch  pays tribute to the drives  one takes to clear their mind. Using the amusement park to symbolize a place where one should have fun with Fitch combines his relatable feelings with a lo-fi, R&B sound to create a chill, dynamic experience anyone can enjoy!


Kiss the Ring, a high energy, bass frenzy hit. The song gives us a first look into Fitch Means Alter Ego 'Billy the Kid' --- Following the single 'Only One' on the EP Declaration, Fitch hit a home run with spicy track.

Only One

Stars Align