Love Games (Interlude)

Only One

Fitch is back with his fifth music video “Only One”. This time, he has directed a video through a creative narrative that showcases both the sensitivity and strength of his songwriting. "Only One" expands on what it's like to meet the love of your life.

Blind Midnight

The release was accompanied by a stunning video directed by Means himself.

 The song's lyrics are as evocative as its music: "Its no wonder that im here for it/Its industrious, intriguing/But im over it." 

The song's protagonist Fitch, is trapped in an eerie state, flashing between foggy scenes, and icy blues. With this Fitch is able to conjure up eldritch atmosphere on "Blind Midnight," creating a spectral cinematic landscape for Fitch to explore.

 Over the course of the song, Fitch Means create his unique sound using harmonies, and bold ad libs to accompany his own voice.


Accompanied by a cinematically visual music video, “Pretend” is a glowingly intimate track all about the decline of a relationship, but still loving that person while trying to preserve the friendship. With a flow of ambience and an impressively high vocal range, Fitch is a complete heartthrob in this song from start to finish. 



Fitch Means and King BreZe have teamed up and set the vibe for the summer with their hit, ‘‘Millions’.  With elements of Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop all weaved into the vibrant up-vibe multi-layered mix, Fitch Means definitely didn’t fail to stamp down their signature sound with Millions; and the charisma practically drips from it.

2am Drive

Kiss The Ring

Only One (audio Visual)

Stars Align